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This tours can be done in private or shared way, however 7 people are needed to perform the shared tour. The places to visit are: 1. The Train Cementery 2. Colchani, town where you find salt crafts made by local people to a cheap price plus the salt process is appreciated. 3. Water Eyes, you can see the salt water expulision 4. Salt Hotel, lunch is provides as: breaded chicken or beef or pork. 5. Salt Flats of Uyuni and photographic production, time to take pictures with perspective using dinosaurs, can take original and dinamics photos. 6. Incahuasi Island, can appreciate the giant cactus, in addition take an hour hike to see from the top the splendid Salt Flats of Uyuni.

DEPARTURE HOUR: 10:30 b.m. | Hours may vary according to the season (DRY SEASON: April to November; RAINY SEASON: December to March)

 Tourist attractives and/or Activities
 Hr. arrival / permanency Description
 Trains Cementery  10:45 until 11:05  Locomotives and trains from XVIII - XIX century
 Colchani Town  11:30 until 11:45  Craft town where salt is processed
 Water Eyes  12:00 until 12:10  Holes in Salt Flats of Uyuni where salt water is expelled
 Salt Flats of Uyuni, photographs production  12:30 until 13:10  The Salt Flats biggest in the world
 Salt Hotel (Lunch)  13:40 until 14:50  Hotel made with salt blocks
 Incahuasi Island  15:30 until 16:10  Piece of earth in the middle of Salt Flats of Uyuni. Giant Cactus
 Sunset  17:10 until 18:20  A wonderful sunset view
 Uyuni  19:00  Return to Uyuni city


* THIS TOUR INCLUDES: Transport; Driver guide and photographer; Lunch, cokes. water; Boots

* NOTE: For more information on prices and others, please contact us.

Dirección: Av. Ferroviaria entre Av. Arce y Sucre
Cels.: (591) 72418875 - (591) 72417363
Uyuni - Potosi - Bolivia