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Jhony colque: He has more than 13 years of experience operating in the Salar de Uyuni, besides being a professional photographer never study the branch of photography but I use your instincts for original photos that experience helped him quite reaching satisfy tourists up to 100%. Today is a driver, guide in English, mechanic, owner of Breeze Tours and professional photographer. His career led him to become famous which today is quoted South Korea level. Jhony trains all drivers daily.

Santusa Mamani Ali: He has over 13 also owns Brisa tours experience plus she will cook for tourists, has a great talent for cooking, the quality of their meals are very hygienic and very clean doing dishes such as: breaded chicken or beef also beef and pork also becoming professional cook in vegetarian food.

William Quispe Mamani: Mamani Santusa Son of Ali and Jhony Colque, is responsible for washing boots is plus driver and transfer to the hotel from the airport rencojos.


Currently Breeze Tours has 5 jeeps 4x4 as being a) land crusier with plate number: 1129-UKS. Color: green b) Land Cruiser 4x4 with plate number 2470-1BA Color: Beige. C)) Land Cruiser 4x4 with plate number 1304FZF Color: Guindo d)) Land Cruiser 4x4 plate number: 2048-UYK e)) Land Cruiser with plate number: 501PDF Color: Blue.

In addition, each vehicle has its respective accident insurance (SOAT).


Breeze Tours offers pickup service from airport to hotel or vice versa. This service has an additional cost of $ 8 or 50 Bolivianos. If you need this service, we need to know the arrival date, time and flight number. You can request more information in our section >> Contacts <<>>Contactos<<

Direcci├│n: Av. Ferroviaria entre Av. Arce y Sucre
Cels.: (591) 72418875 - (591) 72417363
Uyuni - Potosi - Bolivia